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At age 11, J.J. (Jukka) Perkiomaki left Finland to move with his family to Astoria, Oregon.

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How Replacement Veneers Work
Posted on 5/23/2018 by JJ Perkiomaki
If your dental veneers are worn out or they feel uncomfortable in your mouth, it may be time for new ones. How replacement veneers work depends on the extent of the damage or discomfort. Covering your teeth with veneers is similar to gluing something to a hard surface, so when you need a replacement, the dentist will have to remove the veneer and the bond used to hold it in place. When Do I Need a Replacement of Dental Veneers?If the dental veneers you currently have on your tooth is cracked, chipped or worn out you will probably need to get it replaced. Damage to dental veneers can happen because of bad eating habits or conditions such as teeth grinding or clenching. If you chew your fingernails or drink a lot of soda, you can also be at risk to have damaged dental veneers. How Does the Dentists Remove Dental Veneers?Removing and replacing a set of dental veneers can be more difficult than the original process. Many times, the work has been done by another dentist and additional aesthetic work needs to be done to shape the teeth. Our professionals are trained in this process, so you don't have to worry. In many cases the veneers can be removed with a laser, without having to actually cut into the tooth. How Much Does Replacement Veneers Cost?The cost of replacement veneers depends on the dentist. Some dentists will charge for the removal and the placement of the new veneers and some only charge one fee for the entire procedure. Be prepared to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 per tooth, for a replacement veneer. Having good oral health habits can go a long way and will help your dental veneers last longer so your smile can stay as perfect as it was when you first got them....

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